Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Indus’s in-process quality control leads to products and services that have considerable value, aim at zero defect and lead to customer satisfaction. Timely support to customers and duly addressing any complaints they might have is a top priority at Indus. We meet client expectations by understanding the current business needs of customers, anticipating and working towards their future needs, as well as constantly improving our processes to prevent errors and keep ahead of the game.

Quality & Benchmarking

  1. Globally benchmarked process architecture
  2. Well laid project management practices

Efficient Metrication Mechanism

  1. Established methodologies
  2. On-time, on-budget solutions
  3. Grow along with clients into new areas of technologies and services

Mature Delivery Process

Leverage through various outsourcing models.We Promise You: Complete customer orientation, a responsive attitude to your needs, Better solutions with a faster turnaround time and predictability. Indus guarantees an internationally benchmarked Process Architecture that guarantees quality and consistency.

Maturity Of Our Software Process Has Enabled Us To:

Ensure quality of deliverables and meet customer expectations efficiently; Deliver high quality cost effective software solutions on-time and on-budget; Tailor our models and solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients; Follow well laid Risk Management and Change Management procedures; and lastly, Measure and Improve our Performance .